Monte’s 6 x 12 Cargo Trailer Conversion

This is our partially converted 6 x 12 Cargo Trailer. We are still working on it, and this blog will show you many pictures, with links to most of the products we purchased for it.

If you look around on the web, you will find that these trailers are very popular to convert to all levels of RV. From larger complete conversions, to push out the quads and blow up and air mattress.

At the starting of this blog, I would say we are about 75% complete on this project. We have camped in it a number of times, and enjoy it very much. We like the small size as it fits in small camping spots, and little turn outs on BLM Land.

   So, here we go, enjoy the pictures and feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

Out with the Old!

As I said, we started with this trailer being used to haul our quads. Here is what it looked like before we started converting it. The cabinets that we used for the quad gear, were pretty worn. So we ripped them out. So we could start with a clean slate.

Our Next Step

Doing a little layout planning

We started with some used bathroom cabinets that we were about to get second hand. They are a 36″ and a 42″ base cabinets. We also picked up an upright cabinet with them that you will see a little later in the project. With this layout, we were amazed how they matched up in the corner. All we had to do is add a small filler panel between the cabinet and the wall, near the door.

Our Next Step

Adding Insulation

Before we get to far into building out the inside of the trailer, you need to insulate it. Luckily for us, we were only required to remove the top sections of plywood on the wall, and slide the insulation in. The insulation was purchase from my local Lowes. We did the side walls, the front, the back doors and the ceiling. Once we did that, we replaced all of the existing plywood.

Click on links below to see what products we used!

Our Next Step

Finishing the Ceiling

We did a few things to the ceiling, before we covered it with bead board panels.

We first installed a panel all the way down one side. We stared with that so we could run wires and cut some of the LED Can Lights. We purchased two sets to get 6 for the ceiling, and two for under the cabinet lighting.

Installing a Fantastic Fan

We also cut out the first piece of bead board for the original fan, and cut out a spot to put the new Fantastic Fan. We finished the bead board, installed the Fantastic Fan, tested it and the lights. The cabinets you see in these photo’s will be talked about later in the build, I just didn’t get any pics before I installed them.

Click on links below to see what products we used!

Our Next Step

Finish Installing the Cabinets

There is quite a few steps to finish installing the cabinets. I will not go into exact details, but will give you an ideal of what all was involved. At first it seemed to be a Challenge with the front of the trailer curved out, and wanting the cabinets squared off in the front. I wanted to keep an open space behind the back splash to run wires and a fuse box. I am very happy with the way it turned out, so lets get into it.

Framing the curve to be a square

I installed the floor to ceiling cabinet next to the sink cabinet along the driver side wall, after trimming it down to fit the curve of the ceiling. Then I added the first of two 12x12x36 upper cabinets that I purchased. I just screwed the upper cabinet right to the wall.

Then I built a backer board across the front of the trailer parallel to the back of the cabinet that goes up against the front wall of the trailer.

I also add a shelf in the corner for added cabinet space. Once I put up the upper cabinet across the front of the trailer, I opened the end of it access this space, increasing my storage space, and not loosing the space in the corner.

Then I installed the second 12x12x36 upper cabinet to my framing, and the plywood I previously installed to create a space for the small refrigerator. I put a backer board on the inside of the corner to screw both upper cabinets together. Once I did that, the cabinets became very solid. I could put all my weight on them, and they wouldn’t

Then I put more bead board for a back splash under both upper cabinets.